NMA mailing address:

Northwest Mushroomers Association (NMA)
P.O. Box 28581
Bellingham, WA 98228-0581

NMA is a Washington State nonprofit organization founded in 1989, promoting the understanding and appreciation of mushrooms by furthering the study of fungi, their identification, natural history, ecology and conservation.
2019 by-laws.


Join online via our membership page. Or contact Eric Worden, membership coordinator: 360nmamembership (a) gmail.com


In cases of suspected poisonings, IMPORTANT: save a sample of the mushrooms in question – even if the material has been regurgitated – and immediately call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. Or contact Fred Rhoades (NMA science advisor), fmrhoades (a) comcast.net, for species identification. Do as much as you can to help in the ID: take a photo, from the top and the underside (gill side) of the suspect mushroom, note the natural habitat, save a full mushroom sample in paper or waxpaper in the refrigerator.

More poison information

General mushroom ID assistance

Fred Rhoades, fmrhoades (a) comcast.net
Jack Waytz, gandalf5926 (a) comcast.net, 360-303-4079
Erin Moore (Bellingham), 360-738-0896

Guest speaker contact and other correspondence

Brennan Brown, 360nmapresident (a) gmail.com, NMA president


Erin Moore chanterellerin (a) gmail.com


Erin Moore, layout, chanterellerin (a) gmail.com
We are currently seeking a newsletter content coordinator. Could this be you?! If so, contact Erin as above. Member submissions for MushRumors, including short articles, art and photos, are greatly appreciated. Please email them by the following deadline dates:
August 18 (September 2018 issue)
November 17 (December 2018 issue)
January 18 (February 2019 issue)
May 18 (June 2019 issue)