NMA has mushroom books, priced for our members. Some are beautiful old collectibles from our NMA disbanded library. To get yours, contact Linda Magee, 360nmatreasurer (a) gmail.com.

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Books/author followed by member price:

100 Edible Mushrooms/Kuo, $20
All that the Rain Promises/Arora, $14
Chasing the Rain/Lockwood, $24
Common Mushrooms of the Northwest/Lockwood, $10
Mushroom Recipe Cookbook, $12
Edible Mushroom Guide/Winkler, $7
Fungal Pharmacy, $24
Growing Gourmet/Medicial Mushrooms/Stamets, $36
Morels/Kuo, $23
Mushroom Cultivator/Stamets, $26
Mushroom Laminated Field Guide, $5
Mushrooms Demystified/Arora, $32
Mushroom of the Pacific Northwest/Trudell & Ammirati, $23
Mycelium Running/Stamets, $28
Musings of a Mushroom Hunter/Benjamin, $14
New Savory Wild Mushroom Recipes/McKenny, $16
North Amer. Mushroom Falcon Field Guide/Miller, $10
Peterson’s Field Guide/McKnight, $8
Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World/Stamets, $27
Identification Trilogy/DVD Lockwood, $20
Treasures of the Kingdom of Fungi/Lockwood, $24

Questions? Please email Linda Magee at 360nmasecretary (a) gmail.com with the subject line: books.