Boletus edulis line art

Northwest Mushroomers

Bellingham, Washington, USA

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The Survivors Banquet is Saturday, March 30, from 5 to 8 pm, at the Elks Lodge on Samish Way. Marianne and Keith Phelps are our chairs for the event. Thanks! You may call them (360-715-3245) with questions and to volunteer with set up and clean up. The event includes: Chanterelles in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
  • Raffle of mushroom-related items, bring yours!, including some slightly frayed posters from our book sales department.
  • Fred would like to prepare a slide show. Send him up to 10 images of your favorite mushroom, outing, or other, suitable for projection. Email to to Fred or deliver your photos to him on a flash drive.
  • Please bring your own plates and utensils if you don't want to use disposables.
  • If you're bringing a crock pot, please also bring an extra extension cord.
  • You may bring an alcoholic beverage, but WA State liquor laws require that bottles are to be turned in to the bartender upon entry. The bartender will be available to pour your drinks. You may also purchase beverages from the open bar.
To keep our potluck safe, please make sure you follow Fred's guidelines for the mushrooms in your potluck dishes. Label your potluck dish with the ingredients, especially identifying the mushrooms, and limiting the mushroom types to those listed below:

Species safe list
Any species sold commercially locally, say, from Cascadia Mushrooms
Boletus edulis - porcini, cepe, king bolete, etc.
Boletus rex-veras - spring king
Boletus mirabilis - admirable bolete
Cantharellus species - chanterelle
Coprinus comatus - shaggy mane
Hericium species - lion's mane and bear's head
Hydnum repandum & Hydnum umbilicatum - hedgehogs
Morchella species - morel; no Verpa, Ptychoverpa, Helvella or Gyromitra
Tuber gibbosum & Tuber oregonense - Oregon white truffles
Lactarius fragilis
Lepista nuda-wood's blewitt
Leucangium carthusianum - Oregon black truffle
Pleurotus pulmonarius, Pleurotus populinus & Pleurotus ostreatus (& other cultivated species) - Northwest oysters & cultivated (in PNW) oyster
Sparassis crispa - cauliflower
Tricholoma magnivelare - American matsutake
Hypomyces lactifluorum on Russula brevipes - lobster
Agaricus augustus - prince agaricus
Agaricus brunnescens (= A. bisporus) - cultivated crimini, portobello & white button
Lentinula edodes - cultivated shiitake
Flammulina velutipes - cultivated (only) enokitake
Tuber melanosporum - French black truffle
Tuber magnatum - Italian white truffle

No raw mushrooms please: all mushrooms, even store bought and dried mushrooms (after rehydration), should be thoroughly cooked!