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2013 Morel Madness

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This year, our annual Morel Madness Weekend will be May 10 - 12, 2013.
       We have once again reserved self-contained buildings on the grounds of the Tall Timber Presbyterian Camp (directions) located north of Lake Wenatchee. The camp is nestled in a valley surrounded on three sides by mountains and bordered on two sides by rivers. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to try foraging for the elusive morel mushroom and to rub elbows with more experienced club members. Some years, morels are abundant and others scarcely present at all. It all depends on the weather. We always find interesting spring mushrooms, including boletes.
       Schultz Center will be our primary facility where we all meet for socializing and dining. It has a kitchen, as well as a dining and living area with a wood stove. Each sleeping room contains a queen bed, a set of bunks, and vanity sink. Couples and families, and persons who register together will automatically be assigned to share a sleeping room. Individual registrants will be matched up with one or more roommates of the same sex. (If you have specific roommate requests, please contact Margaret Dilly.) Bathroom and Shower Facilities are down the hall. These are shared, but have doors for privacy.
       Cedar House, which has similar lodging facilities, will also be available.
       Everyone will need to bring their own bedding and towels. (A sleeping bag or sheets & blanket, and possibly a fitted mattress pad or bottom sheet)
       It is also a good idea to bring your own bath and hand soap.
       Sorry, but pets are not generally welcome at the Tall Timber Camp.
Please do not bring dogs or other pets.
       On Saturday night, we have a group potluck. Please bring one of the following: an appetizer, salad, main dish, or dessert. Sunday morning we prepare mushroom crepes or omelets from the previous night's leftovers! Bring your own beverages. If you bring wine, plan on drinking it out of regular glasses. It is necessary to be descreet while drinking it, because alcohol is not really allowed on the religious camp premises. Eating utensils will be provided, but bring your own serving utensils. Individuals are responsible for planning and preparing all of their other meals themselves while at the camp. There are no restaurants close by, so plan accordingly for your own Friday dinner, and Saturday's breakfast and lunch. There is a range, microwave,coffe maker, and refrigerator for everyone's use; but space in the refrigerator is limited, so it's best to bring your own ice chests. Coffee and tea will also be provided.
       Plan to arrive anytime after 3:00 pm on Friday May 6. Check with Margaret Dilly at Schultz Center for your room assignments. We spend Saturday hunting for mushrooms and have them identified in the afternoon. We then enjoy refreshments and conversation before the potluck. It is an event you don't want to miss. Bring baskets or buckets to collect mushrooms, and wax paper or bags to separate individual specimens. Also, don't forget your mushroom field guides, knives, warm clothing, rain gear, and mosquito protection. This is a weekend for fun and to get acquainted with your fellow mushroomers. Feel free to bring puzzles or games that you think the group might enjoy. For Weather Information at nearby Plain, WA, Click Here.
       If you have any Questions:

Call Margaret Dilly at (360) 675-8756, or Send an e-mail to .
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