• NMA Wild Mushroom Show is Oct 18, 2015 (2014 winning artwork by Stanojka Stuart)
    Great stuff - NMA's annual Wild Mushroom Show
  • Laccaria laccata. Photo: Erin Moore
  • A few Whatcom County corts at the 2014 mushroom show
    Cortinarius species, 2014 Wild Mushroom Show, Northwest Mushroomers Association
  • Interactive tables, Wild Mushroom Show, Bellingham
    Interactive tables, Wild Mushroom Show, Bellingham
  • Studying the Agaricus, Bellingham, WA. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Visiting the display tables, 2014 mushroom show. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Tiny Favolaschia in the Bolivian Amazon. Photo: Daniel Winkler
  • Mushroom Wheel of Fortune, created by David Arora
  • NMA 2015 Silver Lake foray
  • Foray finds, Silver Lake
  • Stereo "3D" image of Mycena aurantiidisca. Photos: Fred Rhoades
  • Stereo "3D" image of Cyathus striatus. Photos: Fred Rhoades
  • NMA's Harold Mead and Christine Roberts identify foray mushrooms
  • Bowman Bay, Washington, site of the annual "Dilly Foray"
  • Margaret Dilly and Buck McAdoo, mushroom identifiers at work, Bowman Bay, WA
    NMA's Margaret Dilly and Buck McAdoo at work, Desolation State Park, WA
  • Could that be a truffle dog? Annual Bowman Bay foray
Events calendar

2017 member meetings take place downstairs at the downtown Bellingham Public Library. Save your second Thursday evenings of the month in Apr, May, June and Sept, Oct, Nov.

2017 member meetings through June

April 13, 7-9 pm, Mike Beug on “Corals of the Forest: The Genus Ramaria”
May 11, 7-9 pm, Kem Luther from SVIMS, on the Boundary Layer
June 8, 7-9 pm, Anna Bazzicalupo of PSMS on Ben Woo’s Russula collections (tentative)

Mushroom Mayhem!

In June: watch this space for more info to come soon.

Mushroom ID classes

This summer , look for announcements of registration for NMA’s 2017 fall evening mushroom classes in Bellingham. You must be a member to take these classes.

2017 Wild Mushroom Show

October date, to be announced