• Mountain blond morel found in Bellingham. Stereo image by Fred Rhoades.
    Mountain blond morel found in Bellingham. Stereo image by Fred Rhoades.
  • The Prince, Agaricus augustus. Photo by Dick Morrison
    The Prince, Agaricus augustus. Photo: Dick Morrison
  • Springtime grisette. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Hygrocybe coccineocrenata. Photo: Dick Morrison
  • Gomphidius subroseus. Photo: Dick Morrison
  • Aboveground forest habitat, the mycelia hidden throughout. Photo: Erin Moore
  • A cort, a cort - my kingdom for a cort. Photo: Erin Moore
  • First of November foray: Hunter with shaggy parasol. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Northwest old-growth forest. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Snow on mycenas. Photo: Brett Cole Photography
  • Amanita muscaria near Mt Baker
    Fly agaric, Amanita muscaria. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Coral mushroom. Photo: Brett Cole Photography
  • Chicken of the woods. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Oct 2014 entrance display to the 2014 Wild Mushroom Show in Bellingham
  • Chanterelles. Photo: Brett Cole Photography
  • Fall evergreen forest. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Russula xerampelina. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Olympic peninsula banana slug. Photo: Erin Moore
  • Fometopsis pinicola. Photo: Erin Moore

Enjoy the April 1st newsletter. “2015: An Interesting Mushroom Year.”

Who we are. The Northwest Mushroomers Association has promoted the understanding and appreciation of mushrooms since 1989, furthering the study of mycology and fungal and forest ecology. We serve mushroom enthusiasts in northwest Washington State, including Whatcom, Skagit, and Island Counties.

What we do. Northwest Mushroomers meet the second Thursdays of each month during spring and fall to explore the amazing world of fungi. At our member meetings you’ll enjoy excellent guest speakers on intriguing topics, as well as hands-on identification of local mushroom specimens.

Each fall, we put on a Wild Mushroom Show celebrating Northwest mushrooms and their natural habits and habitats. Northwest Mushroomers Association also teach a mushroom identification class for members. Each spring, we sponsor a Survivors Banquet in Bellingham and a Morel Madness outing near Lake Wenatchee.

Join us! With membership, the whole family can join in group forays, with details sent to members by email. At these forays, we head out together to local habitats to hunt for mushrooms. Our more experienced members share their knowledge of mushroom identification, habitat, and habits with those new to the study of fungi.

On that note, an excellent resource to help you learn to identify your finds is MatchMaker Version 2.2. Great news – thanks to Ian Gibson, program creator, this amazing educational software is now also available for Mac users – sweet!